National Project:
Girls' Computer Clubs Needed

What we need
We are looking for girls' computer clubs around the country to help maintain the study hall area of  
Go through the Study Hall and choose a subject that you would be interested in maintaining.   If you have an idea for an additional subject,  let us know.   
What is involved in maintaining a subject page?
Maintaining a page on this web site will be fun and fairly easy with some assistance from a moderator, who can be a teacher or parent.  No experience necessary, just the willingness to learn web site technology and research skills.  
1 Making sure that the links are all active.   
2 Finding updated career facts and information in the subject area you chose.   
3 Find great women in the field and link to their biographies, or create your own biographies of the selected women.  
4 Accumulating a list of organizations within the field.
5 Find helpful educational sites that teach basic and advanced topics within the field of study. 
6 Suggestions you have for girls thinking of pursuing a career in the field of study.
7 Research to find sites that have online sample tests in the field.  
8 Posting and updating the site from a remote location.  This could be your school, library or anywhere that has dial up access to the internet. 
9 Advanced topics could include, marketing, obtaining advertising, and conducting school wide collaborations. 
10 Be creative and have fun!
Who can be a moderator?
Anyone can act as a moderator for the club.  As a moderator you will help the girls get the knowledge they need to start the project and then advise and moderate as necessary.  You must be over the age of 21, care about girls, have an interest in technology, and be responsible for moderating the content of the page.  This should be easy and fun!
What constitutes a club?
For this project the girl's club must be all girls.  Except for the club's, moderator.   There should be at least 2 members of the club.  
Technical Matters
Server information will be provided at the time of club acceptance.  
* Your club's page will be shown online for site visitors to view 24/7!  
* Your club and a brief summary of you and your project will also be available online.
* Refer to the project on your resume and show your family and friends.  
* You will get to be a part of a live an growing web site.  You will learn internet skills that could lead to a lucrative career.  
* Your club will receive a updates on information on computer camps,  clubs, and scholarships around the US.   
* Lots of fun!  
How do We get started?
Chose two subjects listing them in order of preference.   Fill out our comments form with the following information...  Your club name, the location of meetings (someone's home, school, or library), the names and grades of the members, contact name and your choice of subjects.     The subjects will be given out first come first serve so e-mail us as soon as possible.  If you are just starting a club and want to reserve your subject, e-mail with the information you do have and fill in the blanks later.  

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